Making a Kayak – The First Trip (Nation Lakes BC, Canada)

January 21, 2014



My personal goal for building my kayak was to be able to use it on a trip I wanted to go on in summer of 2013. The idea was that we would take our kayaks to the Nation lakes, northwest of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. The nation lakes is a chain of four lakes […]

Making a Kayak – Finished it!

August 8, 2013



So I finally got the job done! I wasn’t sure at some points that it was gonna get done before my trip to Canada (that is my next post). Once I got all the hardware on it for the footpegs, hatch straps, and elastic cords I had to focus on making the seat. Here is […]

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Making a Kayak – Final Sanding and Varnish

July 24, 2013



When you epoxy the fiber glass onto the kayak it makes the wood look wet and brings out the grain. That is the first time the kayak really looks nice and its easy to feel like you don’t want to mess that up. Inevitably the epoxy will be uneven and have runs, especially where you […]

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Making a Kayak – Storage Hatches

July 23, 2013



This is one of those nerve racking parts of any project, taking something you have worked so hard on and cutting holes in it.

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Making a Kayak – Cockpit’s Combing Ring

June 18, 2013



The big things that need to be finished before on the cockpit that has to be done before the deck and hull are attached to each other: Combing ring needs to be traced onto the cockpit so I can cut out the space to install it into Once combing ring is glued in place, I […]

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Making a Kayak – Sanding, Epoxy & Fiberglass (round 2)

May 14, 2013



So once the outside of the deck and hull have been sanded and glassed the next thing is to sand the inside so we can do the same thing. This is a bit more difficult than the outside. I would love to find a tool that makes this easier. On the outside you can just […]

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